Hey y'all, it's been a minute.

I was off completing my computer science B.S. (which, is a load of BS but that's another story). The positive was that I had the opportunity to pick my tech stack for once (fuck yeah!) during my capstone class (they ported doctoral/masters thesis to undergrad, fuck yeah!), and I decided I wanted to do something new to me: NodeJS. As someone with experience with other backend shit like Django, Laravel, Rails, etc, I wanted to expand my horizons. And expand I did.

I was hearing all sorts of chatter about ReactJS server-side rendering, and how it required either running a node process to run the rendering, or, more optimally, just writing your backend in JS with node & some framework like express. I figured I'd check it out. Spoiler: It's fucking lame & a total waste of time. Write faster frontend code instead, it saves you tons of time chasing down bugs that happened because the SSR environment is slightly different than the five browsers you're already trying to support.